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Chief Financial Officer


Job Type

Interim consultant to full time

About the Role

Create and execute the financial plan for growing the company.


Job description

The interim CFO will be a consultant with the option for full-time employment as CFO with vesting equity. Payment as interim CFO can be in the form of hourly rate or as equity. This can be a remote or in-person position.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of the exciting and growing green energy economy. Make your mark by being part of an organization that will change the way residential solar is sold, distributed, and installed in the US.

Responsibilities Include

  • Work with Solvari’s legal team on business and corporate structure to facilitate funding and growth goals.

  • Evaluate and make recommendations on accounting firm.

  • Set up corporate finance IT systems.

  • Supporting the growth of the company by acquiring additional financial capital as required. Develop employee equity strategy and system

Preferred Experience

10+ years fundraising for public and private corporations.

Successfully fundraised for at least 3 startups.

Has experience growing at least one company from $0 revenue to over $100MM. Experience growing at least one company from $100MM to $500MM.

Experience with crowdfunding is a plus.

Solar industry experience would be preferred but not required.

2+ years setting up internal financial systems.

About the Company

Solvari has won several awards and grants totaling $950,000 of non-dilutive capital for its flagship product, Solvari SR. This novel all-in-one residential solar panel includes everything needed to install it on an asphalt shingle roof. This extreme simplification eliminates the 450 components required to install a typical solar array to just the Solvari SR module.

Modeling predicts that Solvari SR will reduce the cost of residential solar by 25% or more. The cost savings for current solar installers are realized across their business from 4X reductions in installation time, to simplifications in supply chain and office resources, to better sales conversions.

In addition, unlike any other solar product, Solvari SR’s simplicity opens new market segments such as, (1) traditional trades and home contractors, (2) direct to homeowner, and (3) big box stores. Solvari is headquartered in Austin, TX.

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