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Shipping quote request Colorado 80128

Pickup zip code:78664

Panels: 34

# of pallets: 3

Weight (lbs): 2,600 (800 pounds per pallet)

Content: Solar panels

Value: $15,000

Departure date: 1/05/24

Delivery zipcode: 80128

Dimensions: 72.1" L x 46.5" W x 48" H

Dimensions 2:

Business or Residence: Residence

Arrival date window: 1/11/24

Tradeshow (Y/N): N

Forklift needed (Y/N): N

Liftgate and pallet jack needed (Y/N): Y

Truckdriver help unload: Y

Booth #:N/A

Stackable: No

Dock (Y/N): N

Call before delivery: Y

Note: Can arrive before the 11th, can't arrive after the 12th.

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