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Solvari SR FAQs

  1. What roof types do Solvari SR solar modules install on?

    1. Asphalt shingle roofs, with 1 or 2 layers of shingle(s).

  2. What comes with each Solvari SR module?

    1. A certified Solar Panel (Assembled in America).

    2. A microinverter with integrated string cabling, wire management, and connectors.

    3. 6 Roof mounts, 2 fasteners per mount.

      1. Mounts have a quick release that enables removal of panels.

      2. Mounts have built in leveling to adjust panel.

    4. 12 Roofing screws to attach the mounts to the roof.

    5. 12 Flashing tape areas, one for each roofing screw.

    6. 3 Hand holds for easy handling by a single installer and snow load support.

  3. Are the solar panels certified?

    1. Solvari SR uses standard certified and tested panels and inverters that you know and trust.

    2. Solvari's mounting system will be certified by December 2023.

  4. Where is the final manufacturing done?

    1. Austin, TX USA.

    2. Solvari sources as many components domestically as possible.

  5. What is the lifetime of use? 

    1. All components are warrantied for 25 years.

  6. How durable are the panels? 

    1. The panels, inverters, flashing adhesives, fasteners, and wiring are the same level of durability you are used to since they are the same components that have been used in the solar industry for many years.

    2. The mounting brackets are engineered to withstand heat, cold, moisture, salt. They are warrantied to last as long as the panels, 25 years.

  7. Why are there no frames around the panels?

    1. Solvari SR’s frameless design allows it to be lighter, more affordable, and faster to install than a conventional framed solar panel.

    2. The design also allows better air circulation for temperature management and wind load management.

  8. Since there are no frames to protect the edges, is chipping the panels a problem?

    1. Chipping is not a problem because the panels do not chip, they either break completely or don’t break. If a panel is broken in shipping and handling Solvari will replace the panel.

    2. Also, the mounting brackets protect all the corners of the panel where it is most likely to make contact with something during handling.

    3. The mounting brackets also hold the panel 3” off any surface so they are not subject to other objects or surface issues such as a rock or tool.

  9. What wind and snow loads is Solvari SR engineered for?

    1. 60 pounds per square foot (PSF) of snow load.

    2. 120 MPH wind exposure C, 160 MPH in zones 1 and 2E, 60 PSF roof snow load.

    3. Solvari SR is engineered to meet building codes in all 50 United States.

    4. Loads are distributed across 7 strategically placed supporting mounts instead of only 2 edges and 12 fasteners instead of only1-2 fasteners per panel. This robust design enables direct to deck installation that meets building code requirements in all 50 states.

  10. How does Solvari SR manage panel temperature?

    1. Solvari SR’s unique frameless, low clearance, and spacing design enables more air circulation than framed panels that are butted up against each other.

    2. These features dissipate heat better than traditional designs.

  11. How many tools do I need to install Solvari SR?

    1. One handheld drill and ⅜” socket is all you need to install Solvari SR.

    2. There are 12 anchor screws per panel.

    3. No zip ties, measuring tapes, levels, or any other tools are needed.

    4. Simply place the panel and screw it down.

    5. Use the same handheld drill and ⅜” socket to adjust the leveling bolts.

  12. How much training is needed to install Solvari SR?

    1. Basic safety rules of roof installs.

    2. Roof setback distances so panels are placed correctly.

    3. Handheld drill operation.

    4. Plugging two wires together just like plugging any appliance into a wall jack.

    5. No need to understand how to find rafters, how to run and splice wires, how to assemble rails and clips. All those steps are eliminated by Solvari SR’s integrated design.

13. What are the power specifications?

Watts per panel: 365

Current: AC

Width: 43”

Length: 71”

Height: 3”

Weight: 50 pounds

Cell type: Monocrystalline PERC, 120 split cells

Efficiency: 20.22%

Pallet weight and size: 790 pounds

Pallet size: 72.1" x 46.5" x 48.0"

More details are available on our solar panel data sheet.

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