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Everything You Need

Solvari SR is an all-in-one solar panel that ships with everything needed to install on asphalt shingle roofs.  Racking, flashing, deck screws, inverter, cabling, and cable management are all included.  Installation time is 2 minutes per module including lift-to-the-roof.  And best of all, it is so simple it can be installed by unskilled labor. Read more.

Solvari CEO Samuel introduces Solvari SR at Intersolar 2023!


Meet Solvari at Intersolar North America

Feb. 14-16th 2023

Long Beach, CA

Booth #2450

Contact us for free entrance to the exhibit hall.

Solvari SR
Production Q1 2024

We're excited to announce that production of Solvari SR will begin Q1 2024.

Solvari SR Wins!
American Made Solar Prize!

We are excited to announce that during 2022 RE+, Sovlari SR won the DOE’s American-Made Solar Prize. in addition, Solvari SR received high praise and interest from over 50 residential installers representing more than a GW of installation capacity.

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Real quotes from
veteran solar installers

“It’s so easy, it seems like cheating.”

“I want this! Please make this!”

“Really cool product. Once we operationalize around this, I can't see going back.”

“Love the plastic/no grounding concept. And love the simplicity.”

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