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Solvari SR SOLAR MADE EASY Gold_Blue Gro

The all-in-one solar panel that ships ready-to-install

Samuel Truthseeker, CEO

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With 20 years of of solar innovation experience, Samuel Truthseeker invented Solvari SR to get more solar on residential roofs faster.

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"Solvari installs fast and reliably every time," Haysam Sakar, CEO Action Solar


Solean Energy

"With Solvari SR, I can practically eliminate the operations and logistics portion of my business especially now where we have this huge labor shortage. I can now find unskilled labor and quickly train them on the install portion of this one SKU product. For us this technology is a game changer, and will give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace, allowing us to deliver a solar product at a lower cost, while we increase profits. It’s a win-win."

Solvari SR is a pre-engineered solar panel that comes equipped with everything you need pre-attached and ready-to-install. Just lift it to the roof and screw it down with no hassle and no fuss. The Solvari SR module ships as a single SKU with the power electronics, string cabling, wire management, roof mounts, anchor screws, and flashing tape already installed. By onboarding everything you need, it simplifies supply chain and operations, ensuring every job gets exactly what it needs without requiring complex management systems. In addition, it installs with a single tool and requires virtually zero training.

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