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Solar panel home installation,10 minutes per kW, Denver, Colorado

Updated: Mar 1

Action Solar, a respected and growing national residential solar installer is now installing Solvari SR, the all-in-one solar panel. One of their recent Solvari SR installs in Colorado is highlighted in the video below.  At that job, Action Solar installed 5.5 kW of Solvari SR in just 53 minutes. That's a kW every 10 minutes from pallet unload to completed install!  Action Solar has once again proven that nothing is faster, and nothing is easier than Solvari SR.

The CEO of Action Solar, Haysam Sakar, says, “Solvari simplifies the installation, eliminates typical quality issues, and is super-fast, allowing my crews to get more jobs done in a day.” Joseph, one of Action Solar's installers, says, "We can easily get 3 systems done a day with Solvari SR." When asked about how we could improve Solvari SR, Jose said, “Don’t change anything, it’s perfect!

The Action Solar team quickly realized that because the Solvari SR modules come prewired from the Solvari factory, they virtually eliminate wire management on the roof. This is important because wire management issues are the number one reported reason for failed inspections. In addition, since the Solvari SR modules are fully polymeric, they don't require grounding which eliminates yet another common inspection issue from the job. This is why, with Solvari SR, Action Solar is confident their crews will pass AHJ inspections the first time, eliminating costly truck rolls and job callbacks.

Solvari SR is easier than building an Ikea dresser. 

Follow the installation steps below to see just how simple an all-in-one solar panel installation can be and then consider how it can transform your business.

Step 1. Open the pallet by removing the side and top walls of the crate.

Solar panels for home Denver Colorado

Step 2. Carry Solvari SR to the staging area using the pre-installed handholds to reduce fatigue.

solar panels delivered to home Denver Colorado

Step 3. Lift to the roof.

Step 4. Carry Solvari SR to the array location where it will be installed.

Step 5. Remove the flashing tape. Note: this can also be done by the person staging the panels before they are lifted to the roof.

Step 6. Line the panel up with a row of shingles and place it down.

Step 7. Screw Solvari SR directly into the decking. (No need for rafter hunting.)

Step 8. Electrically connect the modules to the adjacent module using the pre-routed wires and connectors.

Step 9. You're done. Enjoy the view.

Because the wires are secured along the upslope edge of the module, and because Solvari SR has such a low profile, all wires disappear from view providing a clean finished look without the need of a skirt.

Here's a view of the two story staging area from the ground.

Thanks to the Action Solar team for allowing us to tag along on this install. They were professional, efficient, and provided a great customer experience to the homeowner.

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