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Solvari SR: all-in-one solar module

Updated: Feb 13

Solar panels assembled in Texas

Solar panel provider Solvari has moved its headquarters to the Austin, TX area. "Austin is the perfect mix of talent, culture, and business climate to grow our innovative award-winning solar company," said CEO Samuel Truthseeker.

The image above shows Solvari SR, an all-in-one solar module. Everything needed to install this panel is assembled in our factory in Austin, TX.

Advantages of an all-in-one solar panel

Solar panel installations have been so complex for many years. This complexity keeps the cost high and out of reach for many Americans. At Solvari we have simplified the solar installation process from over 350 parts to just 22 Solvari SR modules for an average residential solar array.

Assembling all the components on the solar panel in our factory instead of on the roof has many advantages such as:

Quicker installation time

High quality of workmanship

Reduced need for specialized training

Enables lower cost clean solar power

What's next for you and Solvari?

If you have been thinking about adding solar to your home to lower your electricity bill, have more reliable power during winter storms and hot weather, or lower your carbon footprint you can contact us here.

If you are interested in working in the solar panel industry visit our career page here.

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