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Solar panels that install in minutes

Updated: Feb 13

Everything You Need

Solvari SR is an all-in-one solar panel that ships with everything needed to install on asphalt shingle roofs. Racking, flashing, deck screws, inverter, cabling, and cable management are all included. Installation time is 2 minutes per module including lift-to-the-roof. And best of all, it is so simple it can be installed by unskilled labor.


Installation is easy. Just pull the release sheets from the flashing tape on the mounts, lift the panel to the roof, screw it down, and electrically connect it to the next module. Fasteners come preloaded so there are no components to lose. And there is extra cable length for: skipping modules, jumping between rows, passing around skylights, and transition across roof faces.

Quality and Waterproofing

Solvari SR is built using only the highest quality components to ensure 25 years of worry-free operation that is backed by our bumper-to-bumper warranty. It’s been rigorously designed and tested for high winds and heavy snow making it suitable virtually anywhere in North America. We take waterproofing seriously. Our flashing design incorporates 5 separate engineering methods to allow placement anywhere on the roof without restriction or worry.

Business Operations Benefits

Business owners appreciate this single SKU solar array because it eliminates: BOM management, parts picking and truck outfitting, warehouse space through direct-to-jobsite shipping option, risk to profit margins, extensive crew training, and installation delays. In addition, sales managers appreciate the faster sales and predictable margins that the Solvari SR fixed $/Watt cost model provides.

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