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Solvari SR Wins Accolades at Intersolar 2024 for its Simplicity and Speed of Install!

Updated: Feb 17

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Solvari booth at InterSolar last month! It was great to see the Solvari community grow and to learn how companies are planning to operationalize around Solvari SR to accelerate their business and reduce their overhead. We connected with installers from across the US as well as from Canada, Mexico, and Australia. All were enthusiastic about Solvari SR's simplicity and its ability to transform and streamline their business.

In 2023, high interest rates and skyrocketing dealer fees hurt residential solar markets nationwide. In California, these influences along with NEM 3.0 had all but killed that market. Now in 2024, by adopting Solvari SR, installers can maintain their competitiveness through reductions in workforce and operating expenses, while at the same time completing more jobs.

Contact us to learn more or place an order here to get started with Solvari SR.

Solvari's CEO, Samuel Truthseeker, explains the benefits of Solvari SR to a media team looking to highlight breakout renewable technologies for their online followers.

Samuel with one of Solvari's authorized dealers, AAA Solar Works. Pictured from left to right, Eric, Doug, and Jeff.

Here I am, David Levesque, setting up the booth before the InterSolar 2024 opening.

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