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California awards Solvari another $500k!

Updated: Mar 15

The California Energy Commission awards Solvari a $500k grant to advance its automated module assembly process and decrease the cost of its panels.  Solvari entered the CalSEED program in the fall of 2022 with 240 other companies and was one of twenty teams awarded $150k to further develop their technologies. Of the final twenty, six were chosen to participate in the $500k grant program.   

What is CalSEED?

CalSEED administers California’s EPIC program which invests $130M annually in technologies that can accelerate and transform the electricity sector to meet the state’s energy and climate goals. As part of the second round of the CalSEED competition for the $500k grant, companies had to compete in the CleanTech Open, an incubator program for startups. In that program, Solvari and the nineteen other CalSEED teams competed against 180 other companies from across the country.  Solvari was chosen to be one of six national semifinalists. 

Both the CalSEED and CleanTech Open programs are highly competitive.  The CalSEED program evaluates a company’s ability to advance and commercialize new technologies. The CleanTech Open program prepares those companies to fundraise which helps ensure private investment is available to complete development and transition the company to commercialization. By completing both programs, Solvari has demonstrated that both their technology and the team are not only ready, but will likely be successful in bringing Solvari SR to market. And that is what we are doing.

The Solvari team would like to thank CalSEED and its administrative staff for this opportunity and for all of their support.  The combined CalSEED/CleanTech Open program helped Solvari advance not only its technology but also the company’s business.  By competing, we learned where our gaps were and were able to focus on closing them to produce a solid foundation for the company moving forward. 


Why CalSEED is Betting on Solvari

California has been leading the way in fighting climate change for over 20 years.  As adoption rates soared, issues with grid stabilization and rate payer equity accelerated.  NEM 3.0 was meant to address many of these issues but has resulted in an 80% decrease in solar adoption. CalSEED believes Solvari SR’s extreme product simplification which reduces 450 individually installed components to a single solar panel, can be the solution. We agree. And, with CalSEED’s help, Solvari will drive down the cost of residential solar in CA by 30% or more. 

Watch how this 15 solar panel array was installed on a two story home in under 1 hour.

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